Traffic Simulation

We are experts of popular micro-simulation software, Paramics, TransModeler, and Vissim. We have accumulated knowledge based on tough practical projects.


Travel Demand Modeling

We are familiar with major travel demand modeling software, such as TransCAD, EMME, Cube. Our recent projects are focused on the use of TransCAD.


Plugin Development

We are also the experts on the development of micro-simulation plugins under Paramics, TransModeler, and Vissim. We are the major plugin developer in the US.

Advanced Sensor Technologies

We have exclusive knowledge and project experience on the cutting-edge vehicle re-identification technologies and our vision on the next-generation traffic performance measurement system.


Smartphone Applications

How will the Smaprtphone platform be used as an innovative way for traffic applications? We have been working on this area.


Traffic Control

We are experts on traffic signal and ramp metering control. We even reverse engineered the signal and metering control logic used in the real-world.


Software Training

We provided various modeling and simulation trainings varying from the basic to the advanced levels.


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