TransModeler Detector Data Aggregation and Ramp Metering plugin

The plugin utilizes the API functions from TransModeler to perform the following functions:

  • Detector data aggregation
  • Ramp metering control based on the following logic:
    • SATMS (demand capacity logic), deployed in Caltrans District 7 (Los Angeles County) and 12 (Orange County)
    • SDRMS (volume control and occupancy control logic), deployed in Caltrans District 11 (San Diego), District 8 (Riverside and San Bernadino), District 3 (Sacramento)
    • ALINEA


Release Notes


SR-91 Orange County Corridor System Management Plan, Orange County, CA

SR-91 OC CSMP Study Area

Part of the statewide Corridor System Management Plan studies, this project focuses on the Orange County section of the SR-91 corridor, which is 25 miles long from the LA County line to the Riverside County line. The project involves the development of the SR-91 micro model under TransModeler and macro model under TransCAD

Development of an ALINEA based coordinated ramp metering plugin in TransModeler (10/14/2011)

New cutting edge algorithm and plugin combines ALINEA and SDRMS into a hybrid ramp metering system.

San Diego I-5 SDRMS Module Development for TransModeler, San Diego, CA

CLR Analytics developed the San Diego Ramp Metering System (SDRMS) plugin for the TransModeler software

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