Expand our installation to Caltrans District 7 (Oct 4, 2016)


Through a collaboration with Caltrans District 7 (Los Angeles/Ventura), CLR Analytics Inc. installed our VSignature system to the SR-57 Pathfinder station, which covers four GP lanes along NB and four GP lanes along SB. The station will be a station of our demonstration site for our USDOT SBIR project titled "Tracking of heavy vehicles for estimating heavy load distribution across the highway system and Weigh-In-Motion Calibration". 

The station located at SR-57 SB Pathfinder On-ramp, which is a ramp metering station. Our I-Loop signature detector cards provide SB mainline data for the ramp metering operation. LIke most other vehicle detection stations in District 7, the station has a single loop per lane. Our VSignature system allows the station to be upgraded to be a classification station, which provides accurate volume and speed data by class. 

The use of our signature detector card helps easily identify that loops on NB lane 2 and 3 were actually mistakenly swapped before. Caltrans engineer was able to fix the issue in the field. 

Currently, the station does not have fiber communication in Caltrans data collection system. Thanks to the 4G LTE cellular communication technology, our  cellular communication based VSignature system is able to bring the station live. The class based data for the station can be found in our tpmonitor.com website.