Network Case Camera

The case camera is a network camera that can be mounted to a pole in the field to collect high-resolution video data. The case camera includes a high-resolution camera (2-3 M Pixel or higher, with up to 50Hz frames per second) with an adjustable lens (typically, 8-40 mm) to allow zoom in and out to capture license plate or an overview of the study site. User can monitor the video data collection through Internet by adding a supported 4G-LTE USB modem. The battery supports up to 10 hours of video data collection. There is a delay timer that can be used to set the start time of video data collection up to a couple days later (up to 7 days, with a tradeoff of less recording hours). The case camera comes with a lock, a strap and a lock cable to fully secure its presence in the field during the data collection.

Applications: License plate capturing, Vehicle Classification, Traffic Counting


Video on how to set up the case camera:


Video on how to mount the case camera: