Our Signature Detector Cards are Available in Market (Dec 18, 2015)

Dec 18. 2015


CLR Analytics is excited to announce the successful development and production of the inductive signature detector card, I-Loop Duo.

The I-Loop Duo card complies to both 170/2070 and NEMA standards and is fully compatible with the existing traffic data collection system. Moreover, it is capable of scanning the vehicles over loops at a sampling rate as high as 4999 Hz and generates meaningful vehicle signature data that can be utilized to classify and track vehicles. The signature data can be transmitted out of the card through USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth interfaces. When using the I-Loop Duo cards together with our master detector card and our Traffic Monitoring HD system powered by our big data analytics engine, a point based counting station can be easily converted to a classification site with rich traffic system performance measures based on our award-winning vehicle classification and tracking algorithms.

The I-Loop Duo card was a product co-developed by CLR Analytics and Diamond Traffic Products.  Diamond Traffic Products is a famous traffic count and classification product provider in Oregon. USDOT's SBIR program partially sponsors the development of the product.

Please see this Youtube video to learn more about our award-winning inductive loop signature technology.