Showcase a VSignature Vehicle Classification Station (Sep 22, 2016)

(Sep 22, 2016)

CLR started upgrading some Caltrans counting stations to VSignature vehicle classification stations for the project titled "Tracking of heavy vehicles for estimating heavy load distribution across the highway system and Weigh-In-Motion Calibration". The project is sponsored by USDOT's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project and will track trucks among Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) stations and Continuous Counting Stations (CCSs). 

The VSignature station shown in the picture below has a total of 13 I-Loop Duo signature detector cards and one SignMaster card. An I-Loop Duo signature detector card is capable of collecting vehicle signature data from two loops. The SignMaster card is a signature data processing and communication gateway, which transmits data to our central server through an embedded 4G-LTE cellular modem. The SignMaster card has seven USB ports and one USB hub is used to allow the connection with a total of 13 I-Loop cards. Signature data collected from the field will be analyzed and visualized through the website 

The VSignature Vehicle Classification Station is an easy upgrade from an existing loop based continuous counting station (also called Vehicle Detection Station or Automatic Data Recorder) to a more functional and accurate classification station. A VSignature station provides not only volume by class data but also accurate speed data. The speed data can be measured under a double loop configuration or accurately estimated using an evolutionary vehicle signature data based method.