Successful Ground-Truth Data Collection using HD Cameras (Dec 13, 2016)


CLR Analytics Inc. successfully performed a field data collection for the SBIR Phase II project titled "Tracking of heavy vehicles for estimating heavy load distribution across the highway system and Weigh-In-Motion Calibration" on 12/13/2016. The field data collection involved the collection of high-resolution video data and vehicle signature and WIM data from 10 counting stations and 7 WIM stations. The data collected from the field will be used to build knowledge base for truck vehicle classification and refine truck tracking algorithms, which are the core algorithms for the commercial vehicle tracking system (CVTS). CVTS can be used to monitor WIM and counting stations in real-time, keep track trucks among WIM stations for WIM calibration and thus provide more accurate weight data at WIM stations, and provide weight data through truck re-identification at counting stations.