Traffic Monitor HD: A Complete Traffic Data Solution

Traffic Monitor HD provides a complete traffic data collection, storage, analytics and visualization solution. It provides accurate traffic detection data from a single inductance loop. It is capable of traffic system performance measures, and emission estimates in the intersection, corridor, and system levels through multiple levels of our product lines. It can also serve as a data source to improve the existing data reporting system such as PeMS in California. 

Our solution is scalable and customizable to assist traffic agencies with their daily business on design, planning, operation, safety, and maintenance. Customers receive confidence in data reporting accuracy, comprehensiveness over the whole roadway, which in turn improves efficiency and accuracy on data-driven based activites.


Existing Infrastructure

Traffic monitor HD system minimizes costs by utilizing existing single loop infrastructure. Traffic Monitor HD runs parallel to pre-established traffic data collection systems allowing for simple and easy implementation.


Advanced Detector Card

The advanced detector card simplifies install with a replacement of the conventional detector cards with our advanced detector cards in the controller cabinet. Traffic Monitor HD uses the existing widely deployed loop infrastructure.


High Resolution

Traffic Monitor HD uses an advance detector card with a single loop configuration to collect vehicle signatures. Each signature samples the vehicle at more than 1000 samples per second. Distinctive characteristics of the signature data are used to classify vehicles and re-identify them.


Accurate Data

Using existing infrastructure, Traffic Monitoring HD system generates accurate vehicle count and speed estimation, and makes it possible to perform vehicle classification from a single loop configuration.


Single Loop Classification

The advanced detector card used by Traffic Monitor HD complies to the 170/2070 and NEMA standards and works with existing single loop traffic control and data collection systems. It can differentiate vehicles based on signature data for classification and reidentification purposes.


Disruptive Technology

Utilizing unique signatures associated with each vehicle and proprietary vehicle reidentifiation algorithm, Traffic Monitor HD provides tools to obtain accurate travel time, analyze traffic trends and travel patterns features only provided by Traffic Monitor HD.


Operation and Maintenance

Traffic Monitor HD provides accurate vehicle count, speed, queue length, and travel times to optimize traffic management strategies during peek hours and incidents. From just a single inductance loop Traffic Monitor HD allows for classification of vehicles into 13 different vehicle classes. Roadway maintenance is also simplified by ensuring existing infrastructure is working properly and automatically detecting faulty loops.



The environmental protection agency, as well as federal and state agencies, have the need to obtain vehicle classification information and VMT by vehicle class and speed bin in order to accurately estimate Greenhouse Gas and criteria pollutants. California Senate Bill 375 requires Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to set and achieve regional Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction targets. California SB-743 uses Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) to access the environmental impact of improvement projects. 

Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) requests for accurate performance monitoring and freight management that is capable with Traffic Monitor HD. Traffic Monitor HD is able to accurately count vehicles, classify vehicles, calculate VMT and then better estimate emission.


Data Based Planning

Monitoring and evaluation using accurate and reliable performance measurements are the keys for successful transportation system planning and operation. Truck volumes and percentages measured at detection stations help traffic agencies understand the load distribution in the network, determine which roadway segments are in need of pavement repair and optimize advance planning.


Who's Using Traffic Monitor HD

As a leader in roadway performance measures, Traffic Monitor HD scales to any roadway type and improves operations instantly. Currently we are providing High Resolution data to the California Department of Transportation at a test bed location in Irvine, California, as well as an arterial site with the Minesota Department of Transportation.

Irvine, California

Traffic Monitor HD is being used on I-405 in Irvine, California. Real-time performance measures and vehicle classifications are available through

Minnesota DOT
A Minnesota SMART-Signal testing site located on Trunk Highway 55 in Golden Valley is the study site to demonstrate the arterial application of the Traffic Monitor HD system.










California Statewide Deployment
Locations of detector cards deployed in California.