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HOT Lane Operation Demo Video for Orange County, California (Sep 12, 2016)

(Sep 12, 2016)


Successful Completion of SBIR Phase 2 on Inductive Loop Signature Technology (Jun 1, 2016)

(May 31, 2016)

CLR Analytics Inc. has successfully completed the USDOT SBIR Phase II, titled  "Transportation System Performance Measurement Using Existing Loop Infrastructure". The final briefing presentation was held in USDOT building located 1200 New Jersey SE. in Washington DC from 12:30 to 4:00 PM on May 31, 2016. About 30 attendees joined the final briefing presentation through the Talk Traffic Webinar. They include representatives from Office of Highway Policy Information and Office of Transportation Management of FHWA, nine state DOTs, including Alaska, Akansas,  Wiscosin, North Carolina, Minnesota, California, Wyoming, Virginia, and West Virginia, researchers from University of California Irvine and University of Akansas, and our team members and partners from International Road Dynamics (IRD), TransSight, and CLR Analytics Inc. The retired Contract Officer Representative (COR), Mr. David Gibson, also joined the webinar and shared his vision and comments.

The webinar was presided by Mr. Steven Jessberger, COR of the project from Office of Highway Policy Information of FHWA. Mr. Jessberger introduced the project and shared his thoughts on what inductive signature tecnology can do for the transportation industry. His short presentation can be downloaded using this link.

Dr. Lianyu Chu and Dr. Cindy Jeng gave a presentation with the following contents: Background, Technology, System design and development, Core algorithms, Applications, System demonstration, Commercialization, and Conclusion and future work. The final briefing presentation can be downloaded using this link. At the end of the presentation, Dr. Chu gave a  live demo of the website developed for the project (, which displayed various point based and section based performance data collected from the two demonstration sites, I-405 NB in California (Freeway) and TH-55 (Arterial) in Minnesota. 

As the end products from the project, CLR offers the following products to the market, including inductive loop signature detector card I-Loop Duo (manufactered by Diamond Traffic Products) and single-loop based vehicle classification (conversion of single-loop counting station to classification site), and high-resolution traffic monitoring and emission monitoring, and etc.

During the presentation, Dr. Andre Tok, a researcher from UC Irvine and the first user of CLR's products, demonstrated how he used CLR's Inductive loop signature detector cards to collect vehicle signature data for the California Truck Data Collection project. UCI has bought 100 I-Loop Duo detector cards for the project. UCI's website is

There were many discussions during the presentation. A short survey at the end of the webinar showed that 50% of the particiapnts are willing to use the technology and another 50% need more information.

For the SBIR phase 2 project, CLR Analytics led the whole project. Diamond Traffic is the main partner providing the detector card hardware solution. Live Traffic Data (LTD) is another partner providing signal operation data for the arterial application. TransSight LLC. provided assistance on commercialization.



CLR demonstrates the Inductive Loop Signature Technology in NATMEC 2016 (May 1, 2016)

Our Signature Detector Cards are Available in Market (Dec 18, 2015)

Dec 18. 2015


An Integrated Simulation Platform (Aug 1, 2015)

A new SBIR Phase I award on evaluating the impact of automated vehicles in the transportation network (May 20, 2015)

(May 20, 2015)

CLR Analytics Inc. received a new Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I award titled "Evaluating System Impacts of Automated Vehicles: A Multiple-Resolution Modeling Approach" from the SBIR program of USDOT.


The abstract of the research is as follows:

CAL/B-C Model Updates and Ehancements Project (Apr 30, 2015)

(Apr 30, 2015)


The HDR team, with SMG and CLR Analytics as subcontractors, won Caltrans CMAS project CAL/B-C Model Updates and Ehancements. In this project, CLR will conduct micro-simulation modeling of various ITS and operational projects to enhance Cal BC model's ITS/Operational Projects features.





I-10 Robertson Circulation Improvement Project (Apr 17, 2015)

The Michael Baker International team, with SMG and CLR Analytics as a modeling and simulation subcontractor, won LADOT's I-10 Robertson National Circulation Improvement Project. CLR modelers will use travel demand modeling and traffic simulation tools to test different design scenarios for the project.


CLR received a new SBIR Phase II award on heavy vehicle tracking (9/24/2014)

(Sep 24, 2014)

CLR Analytics Inc. received a new SBIR Phase II award titled "Tracking of heavy vehicles for estimating heavy load distribution across the highway system and Weigh-In-Motion Calibration" from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program of USDOT. This phase II award was awarded based on a successful Phase I study completed in Oct 2013.



Software/hardware Engineer Position Opening (9/15/14)

(Sep 15, 2014)

CLR Analytics Inc. is seeking for a software/hardware engineer, working location is Irvine, CA. The position can start as soon as Oct 2014. The position may start with an intern, which may be converted to a permanent position, for those candidates who are still in school or just graduate from school. 


The knowledge needed for an ideal candidate includes C/C++/C#, PHP, HTML, Javascript, Linux, Database management, Embedded system, and Hardware testing.




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