Plugin Development

Connected and Automated Vehicle modeling/simulation Plugin

To be added. 

Development of an ALINEA based coordinated ramp metering plugin

SDRMS ALINEA Coordinated Ramp Metering Plugin

San Diego experiences significant traffic congestion during peak travel periods, has limited HOV and HOT lanes, and has limited transit capacity. Potential solution is to increase multi-jurisdictional and multi-agency collaboration on corridor management. The San Diego I-15 corridor was chosen as a site for Analysis, Modeling and Simulation (AMS) of Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) strategies. One strategy proposed by the study team is coordinated ramp metering control.

Paramics Actuated Signal Module Development

Engineers in CLR Analytics have accumulated profound actuated signal control knowledge through various academic and practical projects. We even developed a couple versions of actuated signal control plugins under Paramics during the last decade.

Paramics Plugin Update for Caltrans CSMP Contract 51A0351

Under this project, CLR Analytics refined and upgraded the following Paramics plugins to work with Paramics 6.0 - 6.6. Some Paramics UI was also added to these plugins through Paramics graphical interface

I-80 Integrated Corridor Management Plugin Support, Contra Costa County, CA

In this project, CLR Analytics developed the lane management plugin for the Paramics software.

TOS Ramp Metering Plugin Update for I-80 ICM, Contra Costa County, CA

Under this project, CLR Analytics refined and upgraded the TOS ramp metering plugin to work with Paramics 6.0 and higher

San Diego I-5 SDRMS Module Development for TransModeler, San Diego, CA

CLR Analytics developed the San Diego Ramp Metering System (SDRMS) plugin for the TransModeler software

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