Paramics Plugin Update for Caltrans CSMP Contract 51A0351

Under this project, CLR Analytics refined and upgraded the following Paramics plugins to work with Paramics versions 6.0 - 6.6. Some Paramics UI was also added to these plugins through Paramics graphical interface.

  1. Detector Data Aggregation;
  2. SDRMS Ramp Metering;
  3. Freeway MOE;
  4. ALINEA ramp metering. 


The plugin upgrade involved the use of new API functions to replace old API functions, logic and functionality checking, and the addition of some basic graphical interface.


In addition, CLR Analytics also developed one new plugin from scratch: Truck Behavior Plugin. The plugin basically provides a modeling solution to the common facts about truck behaviors that were not included in the current Paramics software.


The agreement of this project includes that CLR Analytics needs to spend extra time to develop, maintain, and support these developed plugins with the project time periods. CLR Analytics only provides the executables, user manuals, and an example networks of the final plugins to Caltrans and all consultants working on CSMP projects. Annual maintenance and support may apply to both Caltrans and CSMP consultants.


Prime Contractor: Cambridge Systematics

Sponsor: California Department of Transportation (Caltrans 51A0350 7893-120 for I-5/SR-99 CSMP, 7893-140 for I-80/SR-51 CSMP)

Jun 2008-Apr 2010