Connected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles

We are currently conducting an innovative research project for USDOT on analyzing the potential impacts of Automated Vehicles to the transportation network using a Multiple-Resolution Modeling Approach.


Trainings and Supports

We offer travel demand modeling and microscopic traffic simulation related courses, workshops and trainings for students, public agency, and consultants. Our staff are currently in charge of user supports of Paramics, Cube, Synchro, Commuter in the Greater China area.


Software Development

We provide services on the development of plugins or addons for modeling software including Paramics, TransModeler and Vissim and TransCAD. We are the major microsimulation (including Paramics, TransModeler, and Vissim) plugin developer in the world.The pugins we have developed and used by many consultants, universities, and governments.


Advanced Sensor Technologies and Next-Generation Traffic Monitoring System

The conventional traffic sensors typically provide volume, occupancy, vehicle presence and speed data. Vehicle reidentification is an emerging advanced sensor technology that aims to provide more data for travel information, travel time estimation, vehicle classification, emission, and origin-destination (OD) estimation applications. Through a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project sponsored by USDOT, we have demonstrated the potential of the technology. We are currently investigating its applications to both arterials and freeways in order to provide a more accurate traffic performance measurement system.


Microscopic traffic simulation training

As a microsimulation modeling expert and leader in the world, CLR Analytics provides a wide variety of microscopic traffic simulation related training services to public agencies and consultants.


Travel Demand and Traffic Simulation Modeling

Macro and Micro Modeling Coverage in Southern California for CLR Analytics

We are the leading micro-simulation consultant in the world. We have extensive experiences using the most popular microsimulation packages, including Paramics, Transmodeler, and Vissim. As subcontractors, we extensively involved in Caltrans CSMP projects and was in charge of building microscopic traffic simulation models and testing scenrios. We also have experiences on using micro-simulation in various applications based on more than ten-years' academic research.

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