Traffic control

We have accumulated rich knowledge and experience on traffic signal control and ramp metering control. We designed the control logic and assisted Quadstone to develop the actuated signal module. We helped TransModeler to fine-tune its actuated signal module. We just completed a USDOT Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project that developed a traffic signal alert system for Smartphone users for intersection crossings, which needs to well understand the trafficc signal control operation. We investigated the transit signal priority option for the Crenshaw Blvd project and will explore how to deal with the train preemption and transit signal priority for the ongoing Van Nuys Blvd Busway project for LA Metro.


We reverse-engineered three local traffic-responsive ramp metering control systems used by Caltrans for three micro-simulation software packages, i.e. Paramics, TransModeler and Vissim. We also developed the ALINEA ramp metering control plugin for these three micro-simulation software packages, with various control parameters based on the real-world consideration and deep understanding of the algorithm, originally proposed and developed by Prof. Markos Papageorgiou. Based on the idea from Caltrans District 11 and UCSD researchers, we worked with Cambridge Systematics and further developed a cooridnated version of ALINEA  on top of District 11's SDRMS.