Microscopic traffic simulation training

As a microsimulation modeling expert and leader in the world, CLR Analytics provides a wide variety of microscopic traffic simulation related training services to public agencies and consultants.


We provide both online training and face-to-face training services. Face-to-face training is recommended for better learning outcomes. Our standard training allows up to 8 attendees. An additional fee will apply if there are more than 8 participants. Please provide basic information about your needs and contact us for a quote.


Our forthcoming Beginner/Intermediate training course in Sacramento in June 2012.      (CLOSED)


An introduction of our training courses can be found as follows:


Beginner/intermediate training course

This course offers a 3-day program (8 hours per day) that includes introduction to simulation software and network coding basics, advanced network coding, network coding fine-tuning, and fundamental knowledge and skills on model calibration and scenario testing.


Intermediate/advanced training course

This course is suitable for those clients having some modeling knowledge and experience. The course offers practical solutions on how to correctly perform or review a microsimulation modeling study. A typical 3-day training will cover network coding skills in the first day, OD estimation in the second day, model calibration and scenario testing in the third day. The 5-day training will basically extend the contents in the 3-day training with more details and hands-on. 


Advanced training course

This course offers a 2-day program (8 hours per day) that includes network coding skill enhancement, network calibration and validation, OD estimation, and API plugins.


Customer tailored training course

We design and deliver a bespoke training solution for matching the specific needs or requirements from clients.